Careful Guy, you almost sound human.

It would have been so easy to write Guy Gardner off as some show boat of a new guy and just leave it at that.  In another series I almost would have expected it. 

Not here though.  Never here.

Guy may be the cocky new sheriff in sector 2814 but that’s not all of him. Not even close.  He may love the lime light but there’s a damn good reason he has that green ring on his finger.  He’s thoughtful, he’s driven, he cares.  He looks at his position in the universe, in his role as “the hero” and sees it for what it is even with all his hammy “look at me I’m so awesome” attitude and self centered thinking.  You don’t see that right away though because you generally don’t look past what is immediately presented to you.  But then you do look and you can find a whole other universe in what a character says in just a single line and it changes everything. 

Because that’s part of what makes this show so real and wonderful and deep, that even the people who you can so easily play off as one-dimensional have depth and feelings and complexities that only show on the surface when you stop and look. 

And GLTAS is all about stopping and looking deeper.