Can I have a moment to gush over the parallels in these scenes? No? Too bad.

The first time we enter the Interceptor, it’s bright.  The lighting is soft and inviting as is the color pallet of it’s interior.  You feel comfortable and at home.  When we return to it, it’s dark.  Our first look at the ship in months, and it is shrouded in shadows and something, ever so slightly outside of your consciousness, feels off.

And then we meet our AIs.

Aya is met with a question.  A big question at that.  “Define beautiful.” Can any of us actually define beauty? To describe it properly and what makes something beautiful? I had an entire lecture on the subject once and came no closer to a real answer than I had when I started.  Right off the bat, when she’s nothing more than a spherical AI we know nothing about, she shows complexity.  Curiosity. Humanity.

Lanos is met with an information dump.  “Aya is no longer on this vessel. I am LANOS.” And he just repeats that.  When he hears any comments about Aya from Hal he automatically answers with the same response and introduces himself.  He’s working off a loop with audio cues.  You need to put in the proper words to get the answer you want and nothing further will be provided.  He is static.  Humorous perhaps in the grief he provides Hal and Kilowog but there is no sense of depth.  No feeling of something deeper in his programing. 

And that just proves how special and unique Aya is.